The end?

When I was about eight, I used to hug the dog hard until he made a grunting sound, as I squished the air out of him.

This carried on until my uncle visited and told me off.

“He doesn’t mind it” I answered back (rude child).

“You must stop, you don’t know what you’re doing to his innards” my uncle told me.

Well, Janathon has been like this.  I have “jogged”, blogged and logged and on the outside I look much the same as I did before but I am hoping that all this exercise has been doing something good to my innards!

So to the Janathon organisers, if they are reading this, thanks for having the Janathon idea.  It’s such a small thing to get people to do just a bit of exercise for the body and some mental work too on the blog. It has set me up for the new year so this will not be the end of doing a bit more and being more active

And to everybody else who has read or left messages on my blog or been so very entertaining on their own blogs, thanks too, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Bit of a haphazard swim today, pool too busy but I did it!  Well done to everybody else on day 31 too.  You should be proud of yourselves and if you keep a regular, not a purely Janathon blog, I’ll still be popping by.

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Farewell….and a confession.

…not quite, just practising for tomorrow.

A 3 mile-walk with canine companion today where we saw many runners.  Typical, it’s like some film where the woman who can’t get pregnant keep seeing babies everywhere.

As nobody on here knows who I am, I am going to make a confession here.  I can’t ride a bike.  This is deeply shameful.  I would like to but after a certain age, you do look like an idiot trying to learn teetering along and stabilisers would be out of the question.

Anway, I think I am going to have to learn somehow if this knee thing doesn’t work out. I’ve heard there are learn to ride bike courses for geriatrics in London but that’s a long way to go.

There I feel a lot better now…

If any of you have tips on this embarrassing matter, please let me have them.

See you all tomorrow for the last day, sob.


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Random Janathon thoughts

As we near the end of Janathon, and I don’t want to get all reflective and tearful yet, here are some ponderings I have had:

On the free running website, why does it offer the option of “crosstraining – flying” as one of the activities?  Is this exercise a good one for bingo wings, I wonder.

Knees are important and not just for knobbly knees competitions or punishing sexists.  I did my first and last run on 1st January.  My knee has been too crapped out since then to take the strain.  I turned suddenly last night and my knee clicked and unclicked like a piece of lego, stopping me in my tracks ouch.  Why didn’t I appreciate my knee while I had the chance!

Where can I get a nice bright jumper like the nice  young men were wearing on the million dollar drop last night?  I hope they are wearing them again tonight.

Who is kim kardashian?

Do people get tunes stuck into their head in the morning and if so, what?  Is it wrong if the song is Shaddupa Your Face by Joe Dolce?  And is it always normal immediately to think of Vienna by Ultravox ‘cos that was kept off the Number 1 slot by Joe?

Hmm, perhaps it’s just as well that Janathon will finish soon.

Today was a 3 mile walk through a field that should have been crunch and icy but was still muddily sloppy.  Saw the tiny goats who live in the house next to the field and who always run over to see me.  Then an assault course where cowpats masquerade as obstacles.




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I forgot my trainers, Miss.

How do other Janathoners avoid being sucked into colleagues’ whinges/discussion about their holiday plans/detailed accounts of health problems when all they want to do is finish their work AND GET TO THE GYM.

I’m being a little bit horrible as obviously, with the proposed redundancies, they have good reason to whinge. My problem is that I can’t multi-task. I tried to change the toner cartridge today while two colleagues took refuge in my office and almost broke the printer.

Then, another colleague, who is not affected by the changes, came in and started describing in detail all her holiday plans for the year and how much of it was paid for with Tesco shopping vouchers and how much in cash. I explained to her the long holidays around “Easter”, “May Day” and the “Royal Wedding” and it turned out that she didn’t know who was getting married and was surprised by the existence of May Day! She is a 42-year old woman and mother of 3!

Two hours later than planned due to unscheduled interruptions, I got to the gym only to find most of the equipment hogged by the local Year 8 schoolgirls who were having a PE lesson that involved cracking gum and checking text messages while walking on the treadmill at 2 km per hour.

By the time I got on anything, it was almost time to go home so I thrashed out 6k in extra fast time but was not very impressed. I will never be one of the 100 milers now!!!!! (there was no chance of that anyway)

I have just realised that I have whined my way through 300 words nearly so best stop. Remember that saying about passing on a smile to other people, well, it seems that whingeing is infection too.

Right off to check out some other blogs which I have not done for ages and ages, looking forward to it

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no, not the sound of me running past and not even the sound of top Janathoners like and but the sound of January whooshing past. as you can see, i have still not mastered some of the basics of blogging such as getting the links to work. This may be a task for Februthon.

only 4 days left to go and i am sorry to say that all my health benefits from the first two weeks have plateau-ed.

I lost 3lbs in the first 2 weeks, put it all back on in the last 2 weeks.  Had top control of my blood sugar (an explanation below for anyone who needs it) for the first 2 weeks, a bit out of whack for the last 2 weeks. But I will persist for these last few days.  My butt can still crack nuts though but it’s not a talent that can match that of Susan Boyle.  However, BGT is in Cardiff right now, hmmmm.

Okay, if you are still reading a quick explanation of blood sugars and diabetes.  Normal people can control their own blood sugar but diabetics have to take a pill or, like me, have injections to control it.  We aim for a score between 4 and 9.  Insulin from the chemist is a drug though and makes you tubby so it’s good to minimise the amount you have to take and your body processes insulin much better if you exercise.  That’s why Janathon is good for you.  Or is that Guiness.  Or a bit of both.

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In the gym….

where I observed muscly men curiously jumping from a squatting position onto quite a high table and back off again. and back on and back off again.  and back on and back off again.  and. oh you get the idea.  i suppose they have to do it there, most wives don’t allow that kind of larking about on the average kitchen table.

in spite of kangaroo men, I achieved 6k on the cross training machines before rushing off to let a man measure me up for blinds.  gaga, eat your heart out.  not really, he measured my windows.

now off to log and do this whole Janathon thing in the correct order.

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I’ve been doing it wrong…..

you hear those stories where couples think they have been married for years and years but discover that due to some legal technicality or other random error, their marriage was never legal.

well, today, during my latest and still failed attempt to get the Janathon logo onto my blog, I discovered that I have been doing this whole thing in the wrong order.

it’s supposed to be jog, blog, log.  I’ve been doing jog, log, blog!

I know it’s a small thing but I feel like such a doofus having got it wrong for 25 whole days.

I’m definitely going to do it right for the remaining 6 days – less than a week.  I’m going to miss all my new blog chums but luckily, lots of you blog anyway even without Janathon so I’ll still be able to keep in touch.

A two mile walk in the drizzle and also some micro-exercise.  this is basically jogging on the spot and doing star jumps while waiting for the kettle to boil or for the washing up bowl to fill up.  It’s all something.

Oh, that reminds me of something I saw on Facebook but that I’m too much of a blog virgin to know how to upload onto here.  If you google “the dreaded stairs”, there is a great video of how somebody encouraged travellers to take the stairs not the escalator.

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